Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I can't tell what made me decide I wanted to learn to cook.  Maybe it was just that I was bored, or cookies were delicious, or playing with fire was fun.  Or it could have been some kind of survival instinct.  My dad tried to make hard boiled eggs once-- it took hours to scrape them off the ceiling.  Then there was the time my sister was babysitting and tried to make me bagel bites for dinner.  I was still hungry at the end of the night, but I did get to meet a live firefighter.

Either way, when my mom wasn't home, and we didn't want to endure any catastrophe, we were condemned to boiled pasta and raw vegetables for dinner.  Not that it wasn't absolutely delicious once a week, but a lot of my friends seem to be in the same position every night, and getting hungry enough to start experimenting with combustible proteins.

It seems that somewhere between learning the capitals of every state, and calculus (neither of which I ever really mastered, or need) our educations overlooked a few key details.  So to thank my friends for filling in the holes in my education, and teaching me to spell well enough to have a blog (shutup) I offer up some of my knowledge in response: how to eat good, healthy, and cheap without putting in much effort or really knowing anything.